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AvatarSophie Ker

It’s never okay to locally extend/flex your spine. I’m not familiar with Cobra either, and can’t tell if there’s a bit of a local extension at the lumbar. That being said, you’re not loaded, so this stuff isn’t going to be too sketchy in reality. I think it’s safe to keep your abs and butt on 20% here, as always. Kelly’s organization principles should be applied to every movement we undertake. This is why I’m not always a fan of yoga (and from I understand, neither is Kelly)—because it can indeed put us in compromised positions for the sake of yoga.

By movement practice, that’s basically what I mean. A lot of people “do yoga” “for flexibility” which to me isn’t necessary. Practicing good movement patterns throughout the day, doing some discreet daily maintenance via MWOD, and performing all of these movements at the gym regularly and in good form should optimize our ROM and capabilities over time.