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There are not synopsis for each daily MIWod.
Some entries indicate to complete before or after training.

Pre wod:
Dynamic work
Band work
Band work specifically focuses on the joint capsule, which is the shrink wrap that surrounds the joint and can cause significant restrictions.

Post wod or before sleeping:
Smashing, supernova, lax ball, gemini
Long static holds

From the FAQ When Should I Do the MIWod
“The M|WOD is designed to be a discreet 10-15 minute daily practice in
addition to your normal workout routine. The M|WOD can be done before or
after a workout or at night when you are laying on the floor watching
TV. Some of the mobilizations are very effective before workouts as part
of your warm-up and movement preparation strategies. On the other hand,
some of the mobilizations are best done post-workout or at a completely
separate time of the day. For example, the 10-minute squat test is not
appropriate as a pre-workout M|WOD. However, rolling on the lacrosse
balls to mobilize your thoracic spine prior to an overhead workout is an
appropriate pre-workout M|WOD. The bottom line – be less concerned
about when to do the M|WOD and be more concerned about addressing your
tissue health and range of motion problems. Above all else, the
Mobility|WOD is about improving your capacity to be in a good position
during movement to improve performance and avoid injury.”