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AvatarAischa Massey

My doctor said I should rest for 2 weeks and if it still hurts then come back.
I was not given Physical therapy.He said I should  wear a wrist support.
Yes but I am not sure if stretching helps or it heals by itself.I think that in 2-3 weeks it will be healed but I am more concerned what I can do after, it still want to armwrestle.

I talked to a physical therapist via facebook who has a general understanding of how armwrestling works and he said that when I combine the movements of abduction and flexion of the wrist, there is a lot of constriction along the tubercle of the scaphoid. That results in inflammation of the flexor carpi radialis tendon.She said that stretching is ok.

I live in Romania, I couldn’t find anything in the link you posted.

I will keep on with the stretching and I will also start strengthening the extensor muscles for the fingers and wrist as recommended by the PT.