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Oh, sry for answering just now, been on vacation for a couple of days.

Thank you for your answers, and your comments. It will help me a lot. I know that it’s hard to say which “route” is the right, we all have different “issues”. Everytime when we see something new, we want it learn as fast as we can. That was my first thought too when i met mobility in the last weeks. But most of the time this approach is counterproductive, especially in this subject. So i think now that its necessary to learn it perfectly from the first second what am i doing. And for that it’s a must that i understand everything what i read and watch.

> Starting from the basics, – videos and book – to get the right and appropriate knowledge.

Btw, are there many differences in the 1st and 2nd edition of the book? So, the question is, it’s better to “learn” from the 2nd edition, or it’s still ok to read the 1st edition? If you suggest me to buy the 2nd, its not of a big deal, just want to know if there are now many differences in the “approach”.

Dont know if it’s good, but i would like to make some photos or videos – or measuring FMS – about my actual state, and maybe you could help me to identify exactly the trouble spots. If you say the forum is not the right place for this, i wont do it. 🙂

But first and foremost, i will address the spine – i’m sure that this is the spot with the most trouble – and will see what can and must be done to have the right position.

I thank you once more, and I hope i can be a  useful member of this community. 🙂