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AvatarGeorge McLaney

Well said, Kaitlin. 

Tomas, I also suggest going after hot spots/trouble areas. You wrote that you’ve been relatively injury free, which is great, but all of us have certain restrictions that we should address first. As well as pre-ordering version 2 of Becoming a Supple Leopard and checking out the standards in Ready to Run, do you notice a loss of force production at the hip or shoulder? Or do you have any persistent pain or soreness issues somewhere? Then start there. 
Also, K Star is adamant that we have to address the spine before anything else. There are half a million spinal surgeries in the US each year, and 80 percent or more of us will deal with back issues at some point in our life. If you can’t achieve and maintain s braced neutral spine while sitting, standing and moving you’re not only going to do damage to your back, but also compromise power output through the primary engines of the hips and shoulders. So in addition to going after your trouble spots, start going after both positioning (a stable trunk) and then go to the hips and shoulders. 
I hope this helps.