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AvatarPatrick Thomas

Is it a motor control issue or lack of mobility required to achieve the position?
If it is a motor control issue work to correct running technique.
Complete drills which focus on pulling mechanics.
One example
Paradiso CrossFit Running – Wall Drills

If it is lack of mobility you need to restore normal range of motion to the area of restriction to achieve ideal mechanics and perform the movement correctly. You need to restore internal rotation and bias for running (the movement).
Internal rotation with flexion bias.
Episode 230: Squatting With Turned Out Feet? Hey Duck Squatter, IR Yourself.
Episode 249: Improving Hip Extension (And Internal Rotation) for Running

Medial shin tack and floss
Ball stack 1/2 way down the calf. (Becoming A Supple Leopard pages  )
Episode 258: Ankle Mobility-Self Mulligan Technique