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AvatarJose Chacon

Hi guys,

 Sorry for delay in reply. For some reason I can’t reply using iPad which is a pain in the ass (pun definitely intended) 
No history of disc bulge/herniation
No radiating pain anywhere else (I only got the pain when tucking chin into chest doing a toe touch stretch)
As I said before guys, I’m all over the mobility and stretching everyday like a tramp on chips except its murphys law that the one time you dont do it something happens………I’m nearly 30 and I’m starting to see that I’m not as supple as I use to be ( :
Thank you all for the reply and help. To let you all know……my best friend is a Physiotherapist and was home recently and I got him to take a look and he said it was aggrivated tissue and after resting from too much physical activity and doing what he said it’s all healed up now. 
I was told that it was most likely the lack of warm-up/cool down that did it. I’ve been in the gym since and have been training alot again and it’s cleared up nicely. I was lucky in the fact that it was only painful at an extreme ROM for me. 
I could run, cycle, swim, ruck and do metcons and lift without any pain and as stated above the ONLY time it was painful was at full stretch to toes, knuckles on floor and ONLY when I tucked my chin in to my chest and even then after 5-10 seconds it seemed to stretch it out and easy off.
Thanks again for all the help!!