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AvatarBre Hayes

The location you’re describing sounds like SI. If you are getting stinging (or more accurately burning) then you may have some nerve involvement there or lower lumbar. If you use a chiropractor, I’ve found they can be helpful with that kind of tweak. If you don’t try a static back position (lie on back w knees and hips at 90 deg calves resting on whatever is the right height to keep those angles). Arms 45 deg out to side, palms up. 5-10′. Get that area calmed down.

With little movement get to either bed edge or massage table edge. Lie with the hip up on the Same side you have pain (left si, the left hip up). Slowly move your left leg over the edge into free space, this will start to open left si and twist lumbar spine. At the same time left shoulder works to get flatter on the table (more twist). Try to focus on releasing that si/lumbar. You may hear some pops. Do what feels comfortable and play w the position of left leg (ie how much angle to create between left and right leg it will stretch different segments as you do). 1-2 mins in the twist. Don’t try to find pops. Do the other side too for balance. Hope it helps.