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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Just some quick words of caution regarding the neural flossing:

1) It’s not really meant to tension the nerve (those are called neural tensioners). The idea is to simultaneously tension the nerve from one end and slacken it from the other end, so you pull it back and forth slightly through the tissue tunnel, which can help reduce restrictions if the nerve’s coating is getting stuck and preventing it from sliding properly.
2) If you have a lot of muscle tension along the neural pathway, this can cause compression of the nerve at key sites. Don’t be too eager to floss the nerve until you’ve resolved those compressing factors.
3) The ulnar nerve passes the elbow on the inside, not in the elbow pit, so that’s probably not what you’re experiencing. The median nerve does run along that area, but if you’re not experiencing pain or nerve symptoms (downstream numbness and tingling, etc) I would look elsewhere for the issue.
I think it’s more likely that you experiencing some sort of twangy tendon snapping over bone, which could be caused either by your mechanics, overtension issues in the arm and forearm, or (most likely) some combination of both (mechanical issues create stiffness which creates mechanical issues, etc). David gave you a pretty comprehensive list of mobilizations to try, but make sure you test/retest the twangy position so you can tell if you made change, and what mobs made it happen.
Also, if you’re not 100% confident in your mechanics, post a video and we can see if that is a contributing factor.
Good luck!