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AvatarKelly Waters

What is the shape or dysfunction in your foot?  I know that because of the way my feet are shaped (extremely flat on front of foot and back, but vey flexible), it is impossible for me to squat shooting my knees out without keeping all of the weight on the outside of my foot.  Olympic lifting shoes (I own Romoleos 2) are better for me because they help create an arch where I am lacking, but I don’t think it’s best to use those for back squats.

Consider orthotics, at least temporarily, while you squat and you may notice some improvement (especially if your feet are flat).  However, I would try Kelly’s methods on improving your arch.  For me the methods don’t work.  I’m one of those rare genetic exceptions (identical twin who has the same feet as me whereas every other sibling in my family has normal arches).  Hope this helps.