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AvatarMichael Harker


Thank you for the input! Yes, we’re very conservative with voodoo bands. There just hasn’t been research on it yet. but our PTs are very interested in the possibilities. So far we’ve improved shoulder, wrist, and ankle mobility, often dramatically. We’ve also relieved pain in plantar fasciitis, shin splints, PFS, and medial epicondylitis. Since I’m not a PT, I’ll always get their guidance if I’m in doubt. But as a functional strength coach, I know if I can gain some dorsiflextion (if that’s an issue), then maybe I can fix gait and squat problems. That in turn can fix knee pain, for example.

The other day we had an individual with wrist pain. Did a voodoo wrap for wrist extension and flexion and gained 18 deg of extension and considerable pain relief! Took about 2 minutes. Some of my athletes have added it to their mobility arsenal and just throw in a voodoo wrap with the foam roller stuff. And they swear by it. Hopefully we’ll see some research on it soon.

Thanks again!