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AvatarStacy Kellough


As of now there are no research studies that directly look at the Voodoo bands. I think this is something that may eventually add credibility to the product but research is not our focus and is definitely not our area of expertise. 
In terms of evidence based practice, consider Voodoo Floss in the lowest category, expert opinion. Even though this is the lowest category in the research hierarchy, it is still on the hierarchy for a reason. It’s no secret that research is lagging and typically is heavily swayed by endorsers and where grant money is coming from. It is by no means a perfect system. 
For the time being we will leave it at this. If you use the Voodoo Floss the way Kelly states in his book/website and it doesn’t work for you then don’t waste your time with it. If it does work, great keep using it. I don’t think you need a randomized control trial to validate the product if it has been working for you.
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