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AvatarKent Zelle

Jgarc, you’ll actually want your shoulder to come up and do rotate your spine too. The idea is to get the flow and movement smoother and farther at each direction change as you “trick” the central nervous system to allow your muscles and joints more flex/range than they are used to. When you pull your knee down to the floor into the half happy baby allow your opposite hip to raise up off the floor but keep your leg in a straight plane. Straighten your leg and put your hip back down- see how it pulls your half happy leg back up? Rocking back and forth like this first, (half happy leg up and down with hip rotation) is a good warmup and then begin to pull that leg across to the other side. Do it until you feel warm, loose, open, and also meditative in the flow. Don’t push too far! Just go through the motions and feel it open your hip up. Test squat before and restest after flow. Does it help?