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AvatarSteven Meis

Thanks for all the feedback. Christian I will definitely look into the postural restoration information. I recently incorporated single leg work into my routine trying to correct any muscular imbalances. I have been very conscious of keeping my feet straighter but I noticed my right foot tends to turn out once squatting. Not sure if this is due to ankle mobility or lack of internal rotation in the hip. I have always had the problem of getting to low and losing tension at the bottom. I can get away with it when the weight is light to moderate but get exposed under heavy load.After my crossfit coach looked at my video he pointed out my weight is shifting forward onto my toes. My heel stays down but definitely shifting forward. I’ m focusing on getting back to basics. Really sitting back on my heels and pushing the knees out. Getting stronger was a big goal of mine but I need to back a step back and focus on mechanics. Thanks again for all the feedback.

Travis I’m going to try to attend the mobility cert your giving 2/21 in Stony Brook NY. Hoping to have the day free so I can go