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AvatarWilliam Bates

Thanks again for the feedback Kaitlin.

I have noticed one change since increasing my ankle and calf work, the return of an issue I used to have from time to time.

Occasionally I’ll get a sudden stiffness/almost locked feeling along the back of my foot.

I have previously mentioned it to a chiro a fair while a ago and I remember some reference to the talus.

If I just get some ROM into my ankle by say writing the alphabet with my foot, it usually frees up pretty quick.

I’m wondering if this is something you’ve seen before, and if there is an any advice what to do? I’ve seen some mentions of heel cord on this site and it almost feels as though it is like a rubber band at full tension which clicks to one side and the tension lessens – is this possibly what I should be looking at addressing?

Thanks in advance.