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AvatarWilliam Bates

Thanks for the reply Kaitlin! I’ll test out my form against what’s suggested in the video next time I train.

I have been noticing improvements since really targetting my ohs/snatch ROM. I have a lot of past ankle injuries I think I need to reverse, and have always been quite tight through my hip flexors and especially adductors.

I’ve been using voodoo and banded distraction for my ankles, and using pidgeon and the Olympic wall squat for adductors. I usually follow along with the daily mWod on top of that so there has been soft tissue work etc

I think my flexors have loosened significantly only due to how quick I can now become upright and comfortable in the couch stretch, which used to seem unbearable after 5 or so seconds.

Sorry I know these issues are hard to diagnose remotely, but it’s good to know I might be on the right track. Thanks.