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AvatarLuis Marquez

In conjunction with everything else maybe try this….

I have dealt with this issue in the past and one of the best things I have found that help me is using a ball on the hip itself. Whether it be a tennis ball, LAX, or something else dig it in and around your hip musculature. A favorite position is to lay on the ground with legs in a bent,90 degree angle. Put the ball under the hip facing the ground.You are looking for the soft spot directly above the head of the femur( should be what you feel as the side of your hip when laying down) Once you get the ball in the right spot chill out for 10-20sec depending on tightness. You can move very acutely if you don’t feel that it is working. Be cautious because you are putting alot of force directly on a joint. I know this isn’t an mwod but I got the idea from watching one.

Hope it helps