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AvatarKeith Broussard

Sorry about my late reply I was away from technology for a bit andbi didn’t see you replied.

Compression pants would work fine I just wear knee-high compression sock to myself. As far as salted water goes The sodium helps the water absorb through the intestines and get into the body and therefore your tissues as opposed to just passing right through to the bladder and PeeIng it out. Tissues being well hydrated is key to improving mobility. Dehydrated tissues just get sticky, tacked down and won’t move well.

As always Kaitlin’s list of videos is pretty stellar as well as her suggestion for deskbound . Another much shorter book to consider is don’t just sit there by Katie Bowman. Both books only have small sections about sitting in a car Ultimately sitting in a car is just really tough and getting out as much as you can may be the best option for us.