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AvatarNathan Richer

it is hard to tell but it looks like your hands are open. i would make sure you grip the bar. never lose control of weight, even if its light and don’t build bad habits for later one when its critical!

when you descend, feel as though your body were maintaining the exact same position/orientation as you descend. see if you can hold it straight up and down the whole way.  you’ll have to brace strongly for this.
are you squeezing your glutes on the way up?  often if you only use your quads to get up and not any posterior chain muscles, this will inevitably lead to knee problems.
i actually don’t see a butt wink – do you feel one happening?
also try to point your feet straight and not at an angle. this will help you generate more torque.  
you should brace, 20% torso and 20% glutes. then descend while trying to screw your legs outward into the ground (without rotating your feet).  
i can see a little bit of your front view – you may experiment with different feet widths.  if your feet are too close together, it will be hard to descend with good form; likewise if they are too wide. however, i think that being slightly wider than the shoulders will help you open up space at the hips for your body to descend into.  so you can play with your stance width, perhaps a little wider, to see if that helps.