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AvatarNathan Richer

there isn’t much out there on tib-fib taping for some reason at least in the manner. there is taping for bracing which is not what this is.

i only found a good reference here (slide 28-29):

you want to athletic tape around your ankle – highly recommend over some foam pre-wrap – and wrap it as tight as possible. you do this every day for 60 days. i usually took it off at night to give the skin some rest. it gets pretty gnarly looking after 60 days.

but put it on as soon as you get up in the morning – it is supposed to be on whenever you are weight bearing on the ankle.

when you sprain the ankle, the sensory nerves there get messed up by the movement of the tissues and bones during the injury and scar tissue prevents them from coming back to 100%.  so you tape them tight to help restore proper sensory function so that the body knows once again which muscles to turn on/off during movement.  over a long time, like 60 days (sometimes longer), the taping restores proper function even with tape off.

i would ask a good PT about it.