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AvatarJeff Delos Reyes

He told me to place a lacrosse ball under my foot and roll around on it and then grab a band, hook it on a bar or something and place it around my calf, and drive my knee forward towards the bar/wall. I have been doing this pretty religiously and no change. 

I have voodoo wrapped my ankles, calves, knees, quads/hammies, and hips. made some change and then goes away. I’ve also added a band to each of these movements to add some distraction. 

For the shin, I have placed a lacrosse ball on my anterior tib. for a few minutes each side. Helps some. 

My shoulders are just super tight. I have not really been focusing on them at all, been trying to get in a good squat position and focus on one thing.
Thank you for the links! I’ll watch them and get some ideas! :d