AvatarNathan Phillips

I know this thread is old, but…..I too was diagnosed by a doctor with external tibial torsion on my right side.  If you’re living the ordinary sedentary lifestyle, it’s no big deal.  However, if you are fighting aging by CFing or Weightliting, when you get down low in a squat, you feel all funky down there.  There also does not seem to be much discussion around it in the CF or OLY community.

I know this HAS HAD to have led to mobility issues in my ankles, hips, and maybe to a lesser extent, even my knee .  The hard part is figuring out what mobility limitations can be addressed (and what should my expectations be), and which ones do I just need to let my body compensate for however it wants. 

These symptons should sound familar to you:
1. When I “Flex” my right leg, it’s quite a bit different.  Almost like my muscles dont know how to do it!

2. When I’m at the bottom of my squat, my whole right side foot/leg/knee is out at a different angle that my left.  Trying to be symetrical just puts weird pressure on my knee and I usually have to point my toes out farther to get back neutral but then my foot kinda collapses

3. As I have been putting work in, I have noticed I seem to rely on my “good” leg more than my ‘bad’ on both slower power moves (squats) and explosive moves (cleans).   

4. These two things seem to be leading to muscular differences between right/left side.  Particularly the muscles right above the knee on the inside, and my booty (my left butt cheek is just not as big as my right!! It’s subtle, but I can tell a difference)

5.My hip ROM also seems to be quite different.  The “total” ROM seems about the same, but the start and stop points seem to be quite different.
So since your post back in Jan of 2014, have you done anything that worked?  Any words of wisdom as I start on this mission 1.5 years after you did?