Marc Pro is great.
You can hear about it, however, experiencing it makes all the difference.
It’s great on the low back.
For low back pain I’d recommend getting a Plus to have the high and low frequency options.
Low is for recovery, high is used to go after the pain symptom. Using both addresses both aspects.
Mobility is one aspect of recovery and using a marc pro is another aspect of recovery both improve overall recovery. You can hit all areas with a Marc Pro. Quads, Traps, upper back, med back, low back, hamstring, calf, shoulder, lats, tricep different combinations of areas, global arm or global leg flush.
Do you have a mobility plan for your back?
Feel free to message me any questions you have.
You have 30 days to return the unit for a full refund if you aren’t seeing the improvements you were looking for.
Have you watched the 2 mwod episodes about using a Marc Pro?
Contact me for more info about purchasing a unit, questions, I can send you a podcast and article written about not icing. Gary Reinl has a great book ICED