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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Hey Chris,

I feel like what you end up paying for is their unique waveform (the specific parameters of the current).
I’m a physiotherapy student, and shortly after I got my Marc Pro device we started learning about electrotherapy modalities in school. My opinion now is that, while the Marc Pro is a quality device, someone with an understanding of electrotherapy and knowledge of the parameters used by the Marc Pro device could achieve a similar effect with a much more affordable unit.
My major qualm with the Marc Pro is that it doesn’t offer the option of modifying the parameters, which makes it exclusively useful for the specific purpose it was designed for (recovery, etc). It can’t be modified to act as a TENS device (which is more applicable to pain relief) or muscle stim. For the hefty price tag, I think it would have been good to provide some flexibility there, even just as a secondary option. Also, I find that the maximum stimulation intensity is pretty low compared to other some other devices.
That said, I don’t know if the Marc Pro parameters are public knowledge, and it is a well-made unit that is user-friendly for someone not equipped with the skill to utilize a more general NMES device. I would recommend it for its recovery features, but not necessary for pain relief. You could probably get that effect with a <$100 TENS machine.