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AvatarMike Faust
    after using the marc pro daily for two weeks, i’ve been nothing but impressed.  I’m significantly less run down during the day and time in the gym is much more enjoyable (and i already love going to the gym)  at nearly 40, this is exactly what i was hoping for.  at first i was a little weirded out because its so different from anything i’ve done with manual recovery tools but i got over that pretty quick (wife is a different story!).  if it helps me stay healthy and more active than i would otherwise be, i’m all for it.

    However, there are two areas i don’t seem to be able to get much of a contraction on.  

    1) my calves.  i can put all four pads on one calf (one of the pads on heel or inner foot) and the best i can get is a little twitch in my foot and some tingling in my calve.  when i do much running, my lower calf area gets incredibly sore and if i don’t stop running for a few days/week it can get to the point where walking hurts.  I was hoping the marc pro would alleviate some of that.  while i haven’t done enough running to get myself into that situation, i have messed with trying to get a good contraction from the marc pro, similar to what happens in my quads, but i can’t
    2) my glutes/hips.  i can’t seem to get much of anything there.  would that be because i have to much fat between pad and muscle?  i’ve noticed that i get stronger contractions when the pads are on areas where the skin is thinner.  
    any suggestions would be much appreciated.