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AvatarNathan Richer

if the problem got into your elbow tendons and joints, then it can take a long time to heal because tendons and joints don’t get nearly as much blood flow as muscles.

i got a major elbow problem that started with forearm extensor soreness via bad form on KB swings. it started there but i kept training and then the stress moved into the elbow joints/tendons itself and the pain persisted for months. i diagnosed it finally as a tricep activation problem where i was not able to maintain tricep contraction to keep the arm fully straight, and i was hinging at the wrong time before the arm contacted the body where the body itself can help absorb force.  resting it for a week at a time didn’t do anything and neither did voodoo flossing or smashing the forearms or tricep.  i fixed the form but it was too late to solve the problem.
finally i found a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device called the Alleva-Wave ( I used it for 3 weeks straight every day, for many hours a day. By mid week of the first week, the pain had lessened considerably. By week 3, the problem was gone.

Or you can just rest up and stop hitting it with workouts. In either case, there is probably something wrong with your form on 1 or more exercises and you’d probably want to fix that too or else you’ll keep having problems.