AvatarL K

I’m located in central illinois. I’ve recently seen a credible DC  in STL although that’s quite a travel from where I live (2.5 hrs). 

He said my right SI is just completely locked and not moving in correlation with the left side so I’m doing clams right to get the stability better on the glute med. However, I’m a tad bit skeptical on how long they will keep me coming back altho i know these built up, insidious problems take time. 

I have some kind of pelvic obliquity going on no doubt and am seeing progress with the clams-much less medial knee during my gait. I’m trying to avoid any type of intense movement cuz I’ll be feeling it later that night.
At this point, I’m willing to do quite a bit not only to fix myself, but help other wrecked people.  WOuld anyone u reccomend a virt consult with Roop?

Appreciate any advice, Thanks.