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I hit the gym this morning and just focused on practicing those movements I’ve the most problem with – AFTER spending some quality time rolling my lats, using taped lacrosse balls down my spine, and a single lacross ball around both scapula and moving my arms in full range of motion (no pain). For once I didn’t do any distraction but I DID spend some time working on my traps – though probably not very effectively. They are like wood, had no idea they were that tight.
After reading in the book about torque, when doing a light weight front squat, I focused on getting tight and screwing my feet into the ground…and for the very first time (ever) was able to do a proper front squat without restriction! I had someone watching to make certain I wasn’t leaning backwards w/out realizing it – and I wasn’t. Will continue reading/watching the videos/and mobilizing (a Gemini is coming). I think a lack of torque has certainly been part of it – though of course it doesn’t cause the restriction.
Oh yes, while the restriction has returned it is very light so SOMETHING came together properly this morning – finally something positive 🙂 Thank you for your advice – and I am going to get that video made and hopefully get more information from that.