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AvatarTom Matchinsky


Start with compression (with a voodoo band or something similar, available on the MWOD site under the gear tab if you don’t have one) and apply about 50% tension starting just above the knee cap and work up toward the hip 3-4 inches. Don’t leave any spaces in the wrap, make sure to get a decent overlap. Then just move the knee through flexion and extension for a couple minutes and then take the wrap off and move it for a couple minutes and then repeat. You can probably do this 4-5 times a day in the initial phases of the swelling. If you have access to a MarcPro or something like that it will also help keep the swelling down, they come with instructions on where to place the pads.
If you don’t feel you are making any kind of significant improvement in 2-3 weeks check with someone locally, PT or MD or otherwise and see if they can offer any extra help. Look at the free MWOD list on this site and look for a practitioner near you. As always, you can contact any of us on staff, I believe our emails are in our bios, and we can maybe offer more help through a skype consult.
Travis Jewett
MWOD Staff