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AvatarNathan Richer

i assume you mean the early vertical forearm (EVF) catch? you don’t need to do the EVF to swim freestyle.  you can simply spear a little deeper with the forward arm, relax the hand at the wrist, and your hand is already “catch-ed” at extension.  then, just stroke back from that position.

many pros will execute EVF in what you describe as a horrible position on the shoulder. this is because they are creating the EVF catch before their body has rotated to the other side. this is especially true for sprinters whose goal is to have maximal stroke rate and they need to catch almost as soon as they fully extend forward to keep a fast tempo.  It does substantially raise the risk of injury to the shoulder and arm if you do this a lot. 
if you are hell bent on learning EVF, i would direct you to this video:  if you execute the EVF as you are spearing fwd with the other arm, this puts your shoulder in a much better position as the catch happens.