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AvatarNathan Richer

your questions:

2. yes this one 1:50 in the video . should i push my shoulder backward or forward 

i am not sure what direction you mean by backward or forward. you should activate your lat and try to pull the shoulder towards your feet as you raise it up and not let the shoulder move towards the head. once it is in good position, then you should let the shoulder drop slowly towards the floor as the weight of the kettlebell pushes it down, and your muscles fatigue to let it happen.

as kaitlin said, this will stretch your front lower torso muscles, not those in back.  

i would think that smashing the lower back muscles with a lacrosse ball or supernova should be enough. 

4.i have pain in my left legs left to knee  where is the connection between the calf  i feel it when i stretch my it band only  what exersice can treat it ?

can you be more specific? sorry your english is hard to understand…!