AvatarTom Matchinsky


It is actually pretty common for people to have their pelvis tuck under at the absolute end ranges of hip flexion especially in the deepest of squat positions (where your ass is to your ankles for lack of better term!). This is actually normal physiology at that depth because when a person squats that deep historically it is to use the bathroom outside (think pre toilet era) and tucking of the pelvis is necessary for the relaxation of the pelvic floor and easy evacuation of the bowel and bladder. Now if you are squatting this deep but also putting significant load on your back then we don’t want that to happen and the solution is really just don’t squat so deep if you are squatting with load, you really only need to break parallel with load anyway. If you are squatting all the way down to well below parallel and there is some tucking under of the pelvis at the very end range I would not concern yourself with it. 
Travis Jewett
MWOD Staff