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No, I never was able to sit into a 3rd world squat without Oly-Shoes, spinal flexion or a wide stance, but I didn’t care about my mobility before I discovered MWod.
But shouldn’t every healthy human be able to sit into a deep squat with enough ankle, knee and hip mobility?

I already changed my routine, I focus on compound-exercises and stopped isolating muscles like upper traps and front delts.

I was in PT today and she said my spine is aligned, it’s my shoulder musculature who’s pulling on the shoulders. Also my shoulders don’t rotate well in the socket, but I don’t want to stretch the musculature around the joint even more, I’m already very mobile there. I can easily bring my palms together behind my back and have about 110 degrees of external rotation overhead. Maybe this already is hypermobility? Nevertheless my lats feel tight, can I stretch them? What is lacking is internal rotation, my shoulder comes forward at about 30 degrees. And yesterday I almost dislocated my left shoulder reaching overhead, it cracked really loud!
Neck stretching is really making it better, my shoulder is about 2 inches lower when I stretched my neck musculature and my head postion does dramatically improve.

My hamstrings are a mess, therapist only needs to touch it and it hurts. But stretching doesn’t help at all, when I stretch them the next day they are tight again or even worse. And when I sit after about 10 minutes it gets really painfull.

I’m just going after my T-Spine, I don’t know how to go after my lower back. I need more flexion at my lumbar (so tight) but more extension at my mid-back? How should I go after that?

Internal rotation in flexion isn’t imrpoving to any remarkeble point, it just feels like bone on bone at about 10 degrees on the left side!

Also I’m not sure if doing the Samson stretch with the band pulling the femur forward, if the femur already is in the front of the socket?

It was never diagnosed, he just diagnosed that my hamstring and lower back is activation before my glutes.
It don’t have a plan for nothing.

Thank you!