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AvatarGeorge McLaney

    I’ve had something similar. It seems to me that it’s from me standing almost all day at my non-sitting desk and the issue is tight heel cords and plantar fascia. In your case it’s probably from having the foot/ankle in an awkward driving position for hours. 

     I do K-Star’s classic calf mobilization several times a day (foot up on the side of the desk or wall, leg straight and engaged with hip forward, then bent knee, 10 secs tight, 5 secs relaxed for 2 minutes). It also helps to roll a lacrosse ball all over my feet at least once a day – particularly the heel area for the issue you mention. You can also try winding up a lacrosse ball on the skin of the affected area (i.e. twisting it) then giving it a smack. This way, if it is more of a tacked down skin issue you’ll get some relief. I hope this helps.