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AvatarPatrick Thomas

Great to hear you have BASL.
Start with the spine first.
Then move to the big engines of the hip and shoulder.
Move core to extremities.

You could go back to episode one and start with the Year of Mobility Project. Then you are introduced to concepts, tools, etc. as they were introduced to Mobility Wod.
You could start with the 14 day overhaul or the 14 day Challenge 7 Green Lights series.

“Easy exercises” would depend on what you have going on.
What may be easy for one person on a certain day may not be “easy” for that same person on another day.

You want to do smashing post workout or at night. The elicits your parasympathetic nervous system.
Joint distraction can be done prior to a regular warm up. Never replace elements within a warm up or cut things out of a warm up.
Some things done prior to a warm up would depend on the skills in the strength and/or met con for that day.