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AvatarMike Horn

I’ve watched Paoli’s squat progression, and slowly lowering myself to a box/plates, I find that I can go much lower using his method (rounded back) than I can with neutral spine. So I guess I’m not sure how helpful this is.

When I goblet squat at normal speed, I can also go lower than I can when slowly lowering myself to a box. It seems to me that my relative weakness is in the eccentric loading of the glutes and hamstrings. At normal speed descent, I think it’s easy to lose tightness and not notice it. On slow speed descent, losing posterior chain tightness results in dropping down to the box without control. 

My thinking is to follow a typical box squat progression (unloaded though, since even bodyweight is a challenge for me when going very slow) using normal width stance where I start with a box high enough that I can control my descent all the way to the box. And then gradually lower the box to challenge, but not overwhelm, my posterior chain’s ability to eccentrically load over the increased range of motion. Thoughts on this?