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AvatarBailey Martinez

I’ve been having issue’s with this as well.

I feel that my inner foot/big toe keeps coming up off the floor because of short/tight Gracilis and/or Sartorius muscles.  Couch stretch can kind of hit these if I do it on a desk chair – similar to how Kelly showed how it could be done at an airport using the seats there. But since the desk chair swivels, I can go hunting a lot easier.

Am I completely off base for thinking those 2 muscles might be the culprit?

Are there any other mobilization exercises that would target these better?

FYI – I hit them up pretty frequently with “the stick”, a lacrosse ball, and a PCV pipe roller. I also floss with the red voodoo band at the knee. Lastly, I used to do a lot of mulligan work on my tibia/femur in the past. I stopped for a while, but have started doing it again which seems to help when I start to feel pain in my knee when I squat. After the therapy the knee seems to track a lot better and the pain goes away for the most part. But the inability to keep my big toe on the ground is still there. 🙁