AvatarMatthew Slagter

Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond to my post! The videos you posted were incredibly helpful and I have
incorporated those exercises into my mobility work.

To respond to your questions:

My running technique has never been looked at in depth, as a
division 1 NCAA athlete who wasn’t a football player, I was basically told to
ice/tape my shins and take lots of ibuprofen 🙁

I would be happy to take some slow motion video of myself running
and share it if that would help?

The exact cause of my shin splints was never officially
determined, I’m sure that overuse was a contributing factor, I was doing a full
running warm-up and some form of sprinting at least 6 day a week.

To address the issue I have drastically reduced the volume of my
sprint training, I now sprint train 2 days a week, and pole vault 1 day/week,
my ibuprofen intake is minimal and only on vault days, never on sprint days.

I have been doing lots of ankle mobility work with a band, and as
per your suggestion I have purchased some Yoga Tune Up Balls to supplement the
work I have been doing. I am very fortunate to work from home at a standing
desk so I have started spending time each day working on my feet with both a
lacrosse ball and the Yoga balls.

I have noticed a change in my pain, my shin pain is less, and my
foot pain seems to have moved from the bones in my feet to my arches, which I
take as a sign of progress!

I currently do my sprint training in THESE shoes. They are designed to be
marathon competition shoes, lightweight with very minimal support. These are by
far the best shoes I’ve used for my sprint training, having transitioned from a
“traditional” running shoe. Do you have any suggestions for shoes
which may be better suited to reducing my issues? I’ve been looking into getting some Inov-8’s with a zero drop.

And congratulations you have officially sold me on mWOD Pro!
I will be signing up after my next paycheck, in order to watch Pro Episode #37
that you recommended.

Thank you so much for your help and I’m sorry for writing an essay, this is the first seriously helpful advice I’ve ever gotten on
this issue.

All the best,

 – Dan