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AvatarRamon Blankenship


   In March of this year I fractured my L1 vertebrae (burst fracture) during a fall from 20-30 feet.  On APR 8, the doc installed 8 pedicle screws and two rods above and below L1.  The spinal cord wasn’t damaged.  The hardware will be removed after 6-8 months and there will not be any permanent fusion.  My PT and Doctor instructed me to walk as much as possible and perform a variety of core strengthening exercises. 

What types of exercises can I perform now to keep myself in shape without compromising the injury?  I am thinking of strict pushups and supine row.

Allan, how have you been working out since the hardware was removed from your back?  Which movements are you no longer able to perform?  Any info about your recovery and life after would be helpful as most of what I find on the web involves recovery from a spinal cord injury, which I fortunately do not have. 


Thanks in advance.