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AvatarElyse Waters

Thanks! That’s what I thought. The ankle must be the hardest thing to make changes on, at least for me, and that’s why I’ve decided to solely focus on the ankle (plus my really bad areas, hamstring and TFL). 

Realizing I couldn’t do ball whacking every day, I’ve come up with the following plan:
  1. Two times a day: Voodoo flossing (or ball whacking) for sliding surfaces, gliding of the fibular head, freeing up the calcaneus.
  2. Once a day: Soft tissue work, switching between working on the gastroc/soleus and the ant./pos. tibialis
Does that look OK, or am I missing something? Banded distractions doesn’t do anything for me yet (don’t feel anything doing those), so I’m saving those for later on.