J Dach, I work from home (well, I’m a writer so it’s not really work, per se!) and have been standing most of the time while I type for two years. I’ve found that you have to get used to the transition, so jumping into 100% standing may not be the best plan. Over time I’ve tweaked with sitting vs standing time periods, and for me 70-30 to 80-20 standing to sitting works best. When I do sit, I often jam a lacrosse ball under one hamstring and pressure wave or tack and floss for 10 minutes, before switching to the other side. 

One other tip with standing more – my feet, heel cords and gastroc get tighter than when I used to sit to work. So I make sure I roll the lacrosse ball around under my feet at night and do the 2 variations of the calf wall stretch that K-Star favors several times a day. 
Hope this helps and good luck.