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AvatarHarry Palmer


5x/day, 2min/side is for the anterior hip stretch.  Yes, I also stretch the QL when it is flaring up.  I essentially do this stretch but instead of using a wall I reach my arm overhead grabbing my power rack.  Essentially you want your body to form a bow shape with this one.  You can also do the same thing on the floor.  Sue Falcone, a great PT and AT, has some great instruction for this, but I cannot find it online.  It is part of her Thoracic Spine lecture on  What you do is lay on the floor in the same position as the video (the bow position) and block your feet to create as much stretch as you can.  Reach as far overhead as you can.  This might not make sense in writing, but experiment with it and I think you will find the positions.  Here’s the video I am referencing:

Kelly has a stretch like this using a Dynamax med ball that works really well too.

4. Quadratus lumborum stretch

Experiment with it and see what works.  Stretching and smashing both sides for the QL may make it worse or feel the same.  If so try doing just the affected side and see how that feels.  There is a lot of trial and error with this stuff.  Good luck.