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AvatarSam Nix

I have “seen the light” and come to the understanding that the existentialism parts are just as important as the routine physical maintenance parts.  This might of slowed me down physically, but as you said, the journey has lead me to discover that I want to be a healer, and help others.  I have never been so academically on top of my game.  I devour reading now, and have a thirst for knowledge that is almost insatiable.  I am actually using my brain these days instead of damaging it, neglecting it, and under-appreciating it.  I have a new found spirituality and confidence in my body and humanity.  I would’ve never reached these heights of clarity without my “pain in the ass”.  Don’t get me wrong…it still sucks….but I am slowly learning the management of it.  My new routines have been trigger point therapy on myself, working my psoas and QL, and not limiting my physical activity.  I have been getting back into soccer, and the SIJ was not too happy after the first day!  Kind of a 0 to 60 really fast unhappiness.  I have enrolled in Paul Chek’s program to become a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and Corrective Exercise Coach, which is a trusted program that I have faith in.  I have become scientifically inclined performing my own experiments on myself involving my diet, movement patterns, and daily routine.  I will admit that when I am in the “pain cave” my relationship becomes less important, and I can still be an asshole, but luckily I have an amazing woman that has her own problems, and fully understands when I am in that headspace and does what she can to help me out.  It all boils down to a diet that correctly balances and optimizes my hormone function and creates a positive energy level, correcting super whacky muscle imbalances I created from side-dominant sports and lazy posture (I am the son of a chiropractor 😉 )), and negative thoughts putting me in a high-stress lifestyle that I never even realized.  I am overwhelmingly grateful for the amount of FREE information I receive from experts/fellow sufferers here, and I want to pay it forward in the future.  I am infinitely grateful to you all for taking time out of your days to help a fellow human in need.  It keeps my hopes high for the overall goodness that still exists in humanity.  The journey continues!