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AvatarHarry Palmer

I’m glad you asked these questions.  I forgot to add that I smashed the glutes (everywhere it felt gnarly) and smashed the quads (rollers, barbell, partner) anytime this flairs up and for the most part every time I mobilize the lower body.

So glute stuff.  Smash the heck out of them.  As for training them, I have tried more direct training (glute bridges, scorpions, etc) but have better results with sumo stance work.  Sumo deadlifts and sumo stance 2 kettlebell swings work wonders for my glutes.  If you were dominant on one side for a long time there is a good chance the glutes on the opposite side fell behind.  I played competitive basketball for close to a decade and was left leg dominant for jumping so the right glute fell behind.

The core will help keep the pelvis stable too.  I lean towards Dr.Stuart McGill’s philosophy on low back health/core strength so I focus on plank variations.  I also throw in anti-extension movements like the ab wheel, and anti-rotation movements like Gray Cook’s lift and chop.  The big one here is to avoid any type of traditional side bend movements.  The QL’s primary role is hip hiking and this can cause complications.

If you have any more questions please keep asking.  I will check back here every day or too.