Great to hear you are seeing improvements since reading
Kelly’s book and starting to problem solve and pay attention to your
posture and movement patterns in every day life.
Yes, it can be
frustrating when you are seeing practitioners and not seeing
improvements in your situation. Great to hear you are finding another way
to address what you are experiencing and seeing improvements within
your situation.

There are different approaches/theories to
physical therapy and some is identifying a practitioner that has an
approach that gels with you and your situation and that’s not
always an easy thing.

From my experience (I was in a real bad accident a couple years ago and needed to relearn/rebuild everything) yes, if there is not permanent
damage or restriction in movement you can rebuild from the foundational
level and perform at better levels. This will take time, alot of work,
and attention to detail, and it is ALL worth it.
I am very fortunate to be able to work with Kelly and check in with him when questions on something come up.

Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. If something is painful don’t continue to do it.
It may be more complex than you are ready for with where you are currently at. With time you may have a different experience when doing this mob.

You may have a low rib out of place that is blocking your internal rotation.
Your pec may be tight or tacked down blocking your internal rotation.
Both are addressed here
Episode 229: Shoulder Internal Rotation, I Has It
This shows the banded bully from another angle Banded Bully
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