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AvatarNathan Weinman

I am working on rounded shoulders and it is getting better.

I usually do presses after squats, which were preceded by general warmup (some cardio + preworkout mobility + shoulder prehab with bands). Before doing any heavy weights I also do warmup sets, starting with just the bar. Even though I haven’t been going heavy with pressing for some time. Last time I did 3×5 pushups and 1×5 ring pushups. Now it is the 3rd day after doing and still my bicep tendon in front of the shoulder feels achy when I touch it. My pec minor also feels that way. Normally I’d think it is just soreness, as I didn’t do any horizontal pressing for some time, but it was also happening when I was benching once to twice per week as well. I took a break from it to work on my posture and shoulders, which both have improved a fair bit since I’ve started mobility drills two months ago. I still can’t do presses without pain the next day though. For the cool down I usually do some shoulder and thoracic mobility drills.

I am not sure how to assess sliding surfaces, but that might be a clue. I will try lacrosse ball on my pecs more and see if it helps.

There are people who do soft tissue work here and I’ve had it done, but it is hard to find someone who can assess what is really wrong. That is why I ask here, because when I went to PT they did tissue work and it helped with my neck, but they often ask to go to orthopedic surgeon first and they always tell me I am fine (which wasn’t the case, as I’ve had forward head posture and rounded shoulders, yet none of 4 orthopedic surgeons did tell me that, when I came with back and neck pain).