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AvatarBen Cagle

Thank you, Kaitlin!  Sorry for the extreme delay, simply forgot I asked a question on here  🙁  An update, the issue is gone in my right shoulder but persists on my left shoulder (scapula).  I found a Chiro I have confidence in who uses ‘active release’ method.  He gets the knots out but then they come back in a couple days.  I’ve been hitting the lacrosse ball hard myself with the same results, works for a short period of time.  My left tricep has been tight some as well, I’ve been smashing it with a lacrosse ball and/or barbell as well.  Same for my bicep, long bicep I believe the Dr. said.  So it’s pretty much the entire left side of my upper body

I think it started when I started working heavily on learning kipping and butterfly pull-ups.  I have a tendency to descent slowly.  I’ve been told doing that, which is almost a negative, is not good for my shoulders
It hits me with any overhead.  It started with a sharp pain when I would rack the barbell, let’s say from a front squat position.  Then the same pain when I moved the bar from front to back in prep for snatch progression.  
Yesterday we had a simple 25min WOD:  max rep HSPU’s or Wall Walks with a 400m run when you break.  I did wall walks because I can’t seem to get HSPU (something about upside down, that’s a different topic).  It felt 100% fine during the WOD.  But by the end of the day the knot around my scapula was back.  This morning it was there in full force.  I had a hard time with bench press this morning.  Then I lost all strength at the bottom of DB Incline Bench today, couldn’t do it.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  And I’ll respond much faster this time 🙂