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AvatarNathan Richer

following on MWOD’s theme of spine first, i would work on posture to make sure your spine has the right curves, and make sure your head is straight up and on the neck. is the head pushed forward? good posture should have the earhole lined up with middle of shoulder, middle of elbow, middle of hip, middle of knee, ankle bone.

you should also examine your breathing. start working on converting to diaphragmatic breathing. if you are breathing from your shoulders or chest, it will fire up your traps and constantly drag your shoulders higher than they should, and could be causing your impingement problems.
then comes the variety of mobs in/around the shoulder. i’d work a ball all around the shoulder: pecs, pec minor, traps, shoulder blade, lat, anterior serratus. make sure everything is loose and not sore to the ball’s touch.
you should also look at some banded distraction mobs for the shoulder.
last is motor control. it is likely that your traps are firing first when you lift overhead. other misfirings may be happening. this part you should find a good PT or coach to help you with. it is a bit hard to describe treatment in this area on a forum.