AvatarTyler Buck

i live in chicago il

i have loss of range of motion for the most part i cant lift my arm properly and completely i also cant put if to far behind my back.
if i were to make a 90 degree angle with my arm facing upward it is in a different postion then my right arm.
i dont know how exactly to explain because i cant show you.
what i try to do is if im in a door way i come to this position and i can place both palms flat but my left elbow cant touch the wall as my right can
i dont know if this helps…
i have an mri scheduled with the VA coming up but i am afraid of having a operation. i dont know if that or PT is the best option.
maybe i havent had the best PT treatment? 
and with the level of treatment iv received at the VA i wouldn’t trust them giving me surgery
my muscles are also a bit sore and my shoulder is also still slightly swollen
i only have pain in the joint if i strain my shoulder i feel
thank you