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AvatarNathan Richer

Atilla – that’s an awesome video – I also just saw that off their FB page!

J Dach, now in seeing all these videos, i think i have a viewpoint on grip.  I think it depends on what you need or want to work on the most.  For me, at this time, I am trying to improve pull ups. So I would want to hang with palms facing away (and just started hanging at the top position as well, palms away).
If you have external rotation issues (just try the Kstarr one, or the one that Roop shows with hands together, palms facing you), you may want to hang with palms facing you.
Neutral seems to give you a little benefit of both. But in trying all 3 positions a few times, I have different stresses my shoulder for sure. That is probably telling me hints on where I need more work.